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New Factory to Launch New Era in Missile Production


The ground is shifting around Benjie Staggs, and he’s excited about it.

Staggs is director of Advanced and Development Programs for Northrop Grumman at the sprawling Allegany Ballistics Laboratory (ABL) in Rocket Center, West Virginia. Outside his office, work is underway on an ultramodern 113,000-square-foot complex that will transform the production of advanced defense and strike missiles.

Northrop Grumman’s new missile integration facility is a “factory of the future,” located such that key energetic components for sophisticated missiles are produced on-site and come together under one roof.

“We’ve produced rocket motors and other components here for years, but they were shipped elsewhere for assembly into a complete missile,” said Staggs, a West Virginia native with more than 20 years of missile experience with Northrop Grumman. “This is a totally new operation for ABL.”

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