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New River Gorge visitors discover mysterious face in the forest


Thousands of new tourists are pouring into the area with the new National park designation, bringing fresh attention to one of the New River Gorge’s hidden treasures -- the mysterious face carved into rock in the forest.
Walking through a forgotten trail near the Canyon Rim Visitor Center, you could easily miss it. David Sibray first reported on “the face” in the West Virginia Explorer Magazine. Since the story first aired, interest in finding the hidden object has skyrocketed.
“There’s a mystery and magic about it. We know a Mr. Johnson carved it. He was a miner here many years ago and something inspired him to carve a face in it,” Sibray said, adding that it dates back to the 1950s.
If the legend is true, those who locate the rock face may find good fortune.
“I have heard that it brings you luck if you rub its nose. I’ve come down here on occasion just in case that’s true,” chuckled Sibray.
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