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New W.Va. Bigfoot Museum Highlights A Local Take On The Mountain State’s Sasquatch


Central West Virginia has a new monster museum which pays tribute to Bigfoot, and what could be lurking in West Virginia’s forests.

The museum in Sutton is small, located in the back of a store that sells knick-knacks and handmade items by local artisans.

The co-owner of the West Virginia Bigfoot Museum, Laurell Petolicchio, wore a soft cream-colored sweater as she meandered through aisles of kids’ puzzles and wooden, hand-carved toys. She then headed into the new museum, where a six-foot tall, wooden sculpture stood prominently. It looked like a bearded man with long hair. Petolicchio said the sculpture is what kicked off the idea for the museum.

“He brought it in and I said, ‘Oh, you brought me Bigfoot?’ And he said, ‘No. Those are out West. And they're mean.’” His opinion of Bigfoot being “mean” is something that is disputed among some Bigfoot researchers.

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