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Possibilitarian Timothy Reese is helping build the Capon Bridge community


Ever wonder how a dying town finds a new lease on life? How boarded up buildings become bastions for new businesses? How small rural communities can educate youth while empowering them to improve their hometowns? If so, you’re going to love meeting these Possibilitarians. They embrace bold ideas with purposeful action and inspire and mobilize others to do the same. They focus on solutions instead of problems. They think positively and act with passion. They turn possibilities into realities.
“I’m a son of West Virginia—born in Huntington and attended grade school in West Charleston,” Reese said. “In 2008, Beth and I retired and moved to Capon Bridge after 25 years in Arlington, Virginia. My first entry into small-town development was when I purchased and renovated an old building that was once a Big T burger joint.”
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