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Prehistoric relic on display in Ceredo was discovered by accident


​​CEREDO, W.Va. — On the south side of Main Street in the town of Ceredo, West Virginia, a small community along the Ohio River in Wayne County, the Ceredo Historical Society Museum is home to a remarkable artifact.

The modest, one-room structure, situated at the end of a row of houses, serves as a vital repository for local history. Its displays are packed with old documents, high school memorabilia, handblown glassware, and various other eclectic artifacts.

Most visitors, however, are quickly drawn to the massive sandstone boulder beside the front desk —the Ceredo Petroglyph.

The Ceredo Petroglyph, as it has come to be known, measures three feet by six feet and weighs upwards of a thousand pounds. The top features around a dozen carvings of different symbols. They seem to depict four birds, a turtle, some humanoid or mammalian figures, and some indeterminate geometric designs. Left behind centuries ago by Native Americans, one can only guess their meaning.

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