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Quiet town. Loud store.


In the middle of Hinton’s quiet historic district is an unusually colorful surprise of a shop—a shop that feels loud, but in a wonderful way. Boho, located in a charming old building on 2nd Avenue, carries everything from housewares and gifts to clothing, art, and painting supplies. Such a wide variety of eclectic items, yet they all seem at home together. It is easy to tell they were curated by the same person: store owner Kristal Straub.

Straub may be the reason the shop feels loud—”live life out loud” is her own personal slogan. “Several years ago, while getting a tattoo, the person I was with remarked he was just ‘watching Kristal live her life out loud.’ The slogan stuck,” Straub says. I don’t think we’re meant to live our lives in the shadows or in a way that hides our truth. Boho’s function is not primarily to make money. I created it to be a safe place where anyone would feel welcome while encouraging people to live their own lives out loud.”

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