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Revised W.Va. Film Tax Credit Has Hollywood Calling


As part of our ongoing, occasional series "Effective from Passage," we take a closer look at a bill that reinstates West Virginia’s film tax credit. House Bill 2096 creates a filmmaking incentive that is expected to put thousands to work and bring millions into the state economy.
Del. Dianna Graves, R-Kanawha, sponsored House Bill 2096 that reinstated a film tax credit that was repealed back in 2018. Graves said as the revised legislation was moving through the West Virginia Senate, she was getting calls and emails from Hollywood.
“Paramount, Comcast, Netflix, Amazon, their lobbyists were reaching out to me to say, do we think the governor's gonna sign this,” Graves said. “Is this going to actually happen in West Virginia? And the fact is, those big giants were following this closely and were worried the Governor might veto it.”
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