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Special Report: Toyota in West Virginia


BUFFALO, WV (WOWK) – This is one of the engine assembly lines at Toyota Motor Manufacturing West Virginia.  

Team members here build four-cylinder engines for Toyota Corollas inside this massive, two million square foot facility in Buffalo, West Virginia in Putnam County.  

It’s these employees which drew—at least in part—Toyota’s attention to this part of West Virginia.  

“I think there were a couple of other locations they looked at, and finally, based on some benefits, they put it here in Buffalo, and I’m glad they did that because we’ve been really thriving here,” said Srini Matam, president of Toyota Motor Manufacturing, West Virginia. 

Yes, there were some financial incentives, but equally important was the work ethic of the local employees along with the easy access to highways and transportation systems. To date, Toyota has invested $1.8 billion in the plant, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year.  

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