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Study cyber forensics and security at Marshall University


The Cyber Forensics and Security program at Marshall University gives a well-rounded learning experience that provides students with the best of both cyber forensics and the cyber security world. Students will gain hands-on experience with forensic collection techniques and evidence processing and be exposed to the world of testifying from the forensics aspect of the curriculum, while the security side provides students with the tools they need to do network analysis and defense, penetration testing, and open-source intelligence. The CFS program aims to provide students with a 50/50 split across the two fields to create the “Swiss Army Knife” student post-graduation.

Learn more about some of the courses taught relating to each subject field and their descriptions. Some of the courses offered by our program give students a mix of both subjects, which are listed in both dropdowns. If you wish to view the entire course listings page, visit the Course Catalog.

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