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Talent Development & Accountability with Coach Neal Brown of WVU – Episode 9 of “Chambers Talks: A Podcast Series with John Chambers”


Coach Neal Brown of West Virginia University’s Football Program and I agree there are countless similarities between collegiate athletics and business. During our #podcast discussion on #ChambersTalks, Coach Brown told me how he builds a culture that inspires his players to be their best – for him, it’s all about understanding that people want to be part of something that’s successful, they want responsibility, and they want to constantly grow. 

By focusing on #talentdevelopment on and off the field through innovative initiatives like the 5th Quarter Program, Coach Brown is doing more than building a winning football team – he is giving back to the West Virginia community. He is creating the foundation for hardworking, skilled workers with a love for my home State. This is extremely relevant to the work I’m doing together with stakeholders in West Virginia from business, academia, and government to attract even more talent and entrepreneurs to achieve our vision of WV becoming the first Startup State. 

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