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Tap-Palachian Recipes


Be sap savvy and use nutrient-rich tree syrups as a replacement for sugar, a glaze to savor, or a rich topping for your favorite treats. It makes pork purr and salad dressings sing. And while you’re at it, expand your repertoire and experiment with other tree syrups, like walnut and sycamore. We asked Annie Humes, owner and chief deliciousness officer of her hospitality business, Workman Works, in Pendleton County to share some simple recipes that will elevate your culinary creations. 

You can use maple syrup to glaze beef or pork roast. Use 3 parts Spruce Knob Maple Hot Chili Pepper–infused maple syrup and 1 part vegetable or sunflower oil. Brush over entire roast before placing in oven. Coat 1 to 3 more times during roasting.

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