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The 12 Quirkiest Small Towns in the U.S.


Visiting a small town that feels like Main Street USA is certainly lovely, but adding a little offbeat charm to your travels has its own appeal. If you're looking to shake things up while still staying away from big cities, we consulted travel experts to get their picks on the best eccentric destinations to add to your bucket list. From an actual Truman Show town to a community built around the "Mothman" to a 1,000-year-old adobe village, these locales have a little something for everyone. Read on to learn about the 12 quirkiest small towns in the U.S.

For lovers of paranormal activity, this little West Virginia town on the Ohio River has some quirky personality. "There was a Mothman panic in Point Pleasant in 1966 based on sightings of red-eyed, winged creatures," explains Xamis Wolters. "Today, the town is home to the Mothman Museum, as well as the annual Mothman Festival."

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