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The Tasty Legacy of the Stone & Thomas Tea Room


​​The City of Wheeling is admired for its dedication to businesses, old and new. From restaurants like Later Alligator and Vagabond Kitchen to antique and hobby stores like Shuggy’s and Clutch Gaming, there is simply a lot to keep any person busy. In fact, this bustling history goes so far back that even over the course of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, many of Wheeling’s citizens and visitors had plenty of places to spend their days.

Although it has since been acquired by larger companies and replaced by businesses of smaller sizes, one of these places to be in Wheeling was the massive department store known as Stone & Thomas. First opening on Market Street in 1847 and finally closing its doors in 1998, this department store offered its lucky customers entertainment in the form of clothing, jewelry, and even food through the growing popularity of tearooms.

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