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Too Valuable to Burn: Opportunities for Carbon in West Virginia with Sean Frisbee


As he watched supply chain issues mount in West Virginia and across the nation, Sean Frisbee used his experience in the workforce to launch his first entrepreneurial venture. As a retired Air Force Colonel, he served as a former President and CEO of the WVU Alumni Association and as the Systems Program Director for the Pentagon’s F-22 Raptor program. In 2021, Frisbee set out to solve a different type of problem. He founded Vertx Partners to help resolve supply chain issues for the U.S. Air Force while bettering the economy of West Virginia. 

“We can look to some of the communities in West Virginia that have been hit hard in the past years regarding coal production. We look at what we can do to utilize the skill sets and the people that we have there with some of the new technologies we have in order to develop, create and manufacture these new products and make West Virginia a centerpiece in this innovation economy we’re seeing across the U.S.” - Sean Frisbee 

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