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True ghostly tales recommended for your next West Virginia campfire


​​PAX, W.Va. — West Virginia is warm enough to welcome family camping at least six months out of the year, and there's little more exciting about a night under the stars than campfire tales told over roasted marshmallows.

As the embers dim, inexplicable sounds come out of the darkness. The crash of a falling branch! Was it a rotten limb that fell under its own weight? Or was it brought down by a bigfoot? Was the faraway cry that just broke the silence a bobcat, or was it the wail of a murdered woman still searching for her children?

Johnathan Moore, the publisher of West Virginia Ghosts, provides us with a selection of a few of the most haunting stories that concern strange sounds in the night. Rather than legends, these are "true stories" submitted by witnesses, and readers are always welcome to submit their own stories to, too.

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