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Tygart Lake State Park Resumes Dam Tours After Eight-Year Hiatus


Tygart Lake State Park in West Virginia has resumed offering tours of its dam after an eight-year hiatus. The tours of Tygart Dam were restricted in 2015 due to terroristic threats, but now have been reopened to the public. Since the tours’ reopening in July, they have been in high demand, with dates fully booked for July, August, and the beginning of September.

Stacy Lewis, the Tygart Dam resource manager, emphasized the importance of offering these tours to the public. “I think that it’s good for them to understand the mission that the USACE [U.S. Army Corps of Engineers] has, along with the state park and kind of why we’re here and why Tygart Lake is here because of the dam,” Lewis explained. “It’s a big part of our community, so it’s good that we’re able to get people back in there and take them on a tour.”

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