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Uncover this peaceful palace in an unexpected place


Tucked into the mountains of Marshall County in West Virginia’s Northern Panhandle is something you’d least expect to see: an Indian palace, glittering gold against a backdrop of forested hills and farmlands.
The palace is a feast for the eyes – its splendor earning it a nod from CNN as one of “8 Religious Wonders to See in the U.S.”
The New Vrindaban community near Moundsville began construction on the Palace of Gold in the early 1970s for A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada during his visits from his home in India. Alas, the religious leader passed away in 1977 before it was completed. Members of the Hare Krishna community converted the palace into a memorial, inviting the public to come visit it and its
beautiful grounds.

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