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Unique Program Draws Young Talent to West Virginia


In spring 2019, Sam Muller was preparing to graduate from Wellesley College in the Boston area when an alumna posted about a fellowship program in West Virginia on the class Facebook page. It piqued Muller’s interest as she was launching her job search and open to moving anywhere for the right professional opportunity (but preferably somewhere with mountains).
So, Muller successfully applied for the Impact Fellowship program, which brings young professionals to the state for 12-month fellowships. Fellows work four days a week and spend one day volunteering in their new communities, plus go on retreats throughout the Mountain State and tap a strong network of professional development support.
“Ultimately, I was also looking for more than a job. I wanted a community, and I wanted to be able to give back to that community, too, so the program’s ‘Volunteer Fridays’ had a huge appeal to me,” says Muller, who was a 2019 fellow. “They ended up being such a great way of meaningfully connecting with my new home.”
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