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Vantage spotlight on Auggie Chico of Parthian Battery Solutions


We are extremely fortunate at Vantage Ventures to have a growing community of entrepreneurs building impactful companies with West Virginia roots. By supporting teams of creative thinkers and problem-solvers—and leveraging the untapped talent and resources that exist in West Virginia—Vantage aims to build companies across data and IOT, infrastructure, life sciences, and security sectors. This initiative was born out of the John Chambers School of Business and Economics at West Virginia University and serves to launch high impact, scalable businesses to tackle complex challenges. We are home to a fearless new generation of entrepreneurs.
This month, we highlight Vantage Resident Entrepreneur Auggie Chico of Parthian Battery Solutions on how he is making an impact with renewable energy — giving electric car batteries new life. Read on to learn more as Auggie discusses how his vision of repurposing an electric vehicle’s (EV) battery reimagined them for second-use applications.
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