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Vertx Partners launches operations in West Virginia


Vertx Partners, a collaborator with the Dayton, Ohio nonprofit organization Parallax Advanced Research, has launched operations in West Virginia to support the development of science and technology innovation in the Appalachian Region. Led by U.S. Air Force Retired Colonel Sean Frisbee, Vertx is developing an innovation network that addresses complex issues faced by the Department of Defense through strategic partnerships between government, industry, and academia. The work that Vertx is doing brings economic opportunity to small businesses and research institutions throughout the state of West Virginia and beyond.

“Vertx Partners is a company that connects entrepreneurs, technologies, small businesses, and other entities in trying to solve national security problems – all while working to improve West Virginia’s workforce,” said Sean Frisbee, Vertx Partners President and CEO. “We’re identifying non-traditional problem solvers for the Department of Defense, matching them with funding opportunities and necessary partners, and helping them navigate the complex system of working with the federal government.”

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