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WV-based Greasezilla solving world’s grease waste problems with carbon-negative solution


That doughnut you had with your coffee may have been delicious, but like any deep-fried food, it comes with a cost. Fat, oil, and grease waste – also known as FOG – is difficult to dispose of and creates problems worldwide. But a Fayetteville, West Virginia company is turning a nasty problem into a profitable and environmentally friendly solution. Greasezilla’s carbon-negative system returns the water in FOG waste to a mostly purified state, which leaves behind brown grease, a rich biofuel that can be used as a maritime fuel or biodiesel feedstock and sold on the commodities exchange. And now, with the help of the West Virginia Development Office and U.S. Commercial Service, Greasezilla is expanding to international markets. That’s innovation - in the Mountain State. Read the story on the West Virginia Development Office web site