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WVDNR, Trout Unlimited partnership rejuvenates WV streams


The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources has a longstanding relationship with Trout Unlimited Chapters and its State Council in West Virginia. Each year over the last two decades, volunteers have contributed several thousands of dollars to support the WVDNR’s limestone sand acid waters restoration program by distributing trout fingerlings into appropriate waters and gathering water quality and temperature data to discover new waters that may be suitable for trout introduction. The help of these volunteers has provided additional fishing opportunities that WVDNR staff do not have the resources to evaluate.

One area where the WVDNR and Trout Unlimited partner is the Middle Fork Williams River. Years ago, John Rebinski, a retired Acid Waters program lead, identified source waters outside and near the Cranberry Wilderness Boundary that could ultimately carry the needed alkalinity to the Middle Fork Williams River. He eventually enlisted the help of members of the Ernie Nester Chapter of Trout Unlimited to aid in carrying 10 tons of limestone sand, one bucket at a time, over 800 feet to a spring seep that flows into the stream. This group has since come to be known as the “Bucket Brigade.”

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