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WVDNR reminds anglers of new fishing regulations


Anglers in West Virginia have new fishing regulations to follow and are encouraged to check the 2021 Fishing Regulations for a roundup of changes that may affect them. 

“Probably the biggest change is that we now have a statewide 30-fish daily creel and 60-fish possession limit for game fish that didn’t have a creel limit before,” said Mark Scott, assistant chief of fish management for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. 

The new creel and possession limit went into effect Jan. 1 for black and white crappie in aggregate, bluegill and all other sunfish species in aggregate, all other game fish currently not under a creel limit, and yellow perch. 

“We felt it would be prudent to set a baseline limit for fish that didn’t have a limit before while we gather data to see if there needs to be less restrictions or more,” Scott said.

Learn more about the updated fishing regulations here -