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WVDNR studying deer population around state


Big bucks, young bucks, does and fawns. Thanks to a new West Virginia Division of Natural Resources study, hunters, conservationists and wildlife enthusiasts will soon know more about the state’s white-tailed deer population, their survival raises, behavior and movement patterns. 

“We captured 98 deer this past winter and placed GPS collars around their necks so we can collect location data that will help us learn a lot about survival and hopefully give us a better picture of what causes deer mortalities,” said Brett Shelly, assistant deer project leader for the WVDNR. “We are also looking at where bucks go during the rut and where does are fawning around the state.” 

The project is in the first of three years and includes three study areas: Hampshire, Barbour/Upshur and Jackson/Mason counties. 

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