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WVDNR surveys Gandy Creek to assess weekly trout numbers


The West Virginia Division of Natural Resources recently surveyed Gandy Creek to assess trout numbers in one of the state’s most popular fishing streams and biologists for the agency say their findings show there are still plenty of trout to catch in between stockings. 

“Gandy Creek might be a small stream, but it’s one of the most heavily fished in the state and we believe our findings here will help reassure anglers that they can catch a fish even if they don’t get there on a stocking day,” said Jim Hedrick, hatchery program manager for the WVDNR. 

Gandy Creek, located along County Route 29 in Randolph County, gets stocked with trout once a week between March and May. For the survey, WVDNR fisheries biologists visited the stream a week after a stocking. 

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