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WVU Press Tells Appalachian Stories, Helps To Share Region’s Diversity


The Chronicle of Higher Education recently labeled WVU Press as a “new publishing heavyweight.” But the small university press hasn’t lost its focus on West Virginian and Appalachian stories.
Eric Douglas spoke with director Derek Krissoff to find out what makes the press tick.

Douglas: Tell me what WVU Press is.
Krissoff: That's the question that I'm always hoping that people will ask. And the most important thing to stress about WVU Press, and I think about university presses in general, is that we're book publishers. We're fundamentally a book publisher in the same way that Random House or HarperCollins is a book publisher. We acquire and edit and design and produce and market and sell books. We sell them in the marketplace. You see them at bookstores and see them reviewed, hopefully, in newspapers and on public radio, and so forth.

Listen to the interview at WV Public Broadcasting: