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WVU scientist says NASA’s Webb Telescope will boost space research at University, Green Bank Observatory


The first photos from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope have given researchers the deepest and clearest infrared look into space to date.

West Virginia University researcher Maura McLaughlin, distinguished professor of physics and astronomy at the Eberly College of Arts and Sciences and director of the Center for Gravitational Waves and Cosmology, is available to explain how this new technology will enhance the work she and her colleagues do at WVU as well as her students’ future endeavors.

McLaughlin studies neutron stars and their environments through radio, X-ray and gamma-ray observations. She is heavily involved in research at the Green Bank Observatory, a partner of WVU, in Pocahontas County and is one of the leaders of the Pulsar Search Collaboratory, a citizen-science project that involves high school students across the U.S. in pulsar-related research.

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