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Warm weather, migration patterns create optimal conditions for hybrid striped bass fishing


With temperatures warming up across West Virginia, anglers targeting hybrid striped bass have more than favorable spring weather to look forward to in May.  

“It’s a great time to catch hybrid striped bass because they’re most active between mid-April and late May when they make false spawning runs up rivers and streams,” said Mark Scott, assistant chief of fish management for the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources. “Anglers can find them congregating at locks and dams and at waterfalls, which makes targeting these aggressive fish a little easier this time of year.”  

Hybrid striped bass are a cross between striped and white bass. Despite being sterile, these fish migrate upstream in the spring in an attempt to spawn. Because hybrids don’t reproduce in the wild, WVDNR fisheries biologists purchases hybrid striped bass fry each year and raises them to fingerling size at warmwater hatcheries before stocking them in waters around the state.  

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