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Waterfall Country, West Virginia: Find a landscape of cascades, canyons, and charming small towns in and around Blackwater Falls State Park


Call up a vision of the Mountain State, and the strains of a familiar tune begin to play. You know the one. It begins "Almost heaven, West Virginia" and tells of a place that's filled with wildernesses. It doesn't take long to see that "life is old there," older than the forests of spruce and hemlock, birch and beech. It's about as old as the rocks beneath your feet. 
Adventure is the state's calling card, and visitors have been answering the call, seeking what West Virginia has in abundance: country roads, uncrowded spaces, and new experiences in the fresh mountain air. 
Waterfalls have long been favorite features here. Hidden in the hills, they dot the landscape, emerging along elevation changes and geological shifts in the riverbeds. They're also some of the best places in the South to see fall foliage.

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