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West Virginia’s new remote worker program will pay you $12,000 to move there


The Mountain State's new initiative, Ascend WV, wants to help outdoor enthusiasts put down roots — and has major incentives for remote workers.

Almost everything about the way we work has changed in the past year, from the technology we use, to where (and when) we clock in. Many people have come to enjoy the benefits of working from home — some become international digital nomads in countries like Dubai and Dominica, which are offering new extended-stay visa programs. For Americans, the latest place to launch a remote worker program is a bit closer to home: the Appalachian state of West Virginia.

Today, West Virginia announced a program called Ascend WV, which will pay people $12,000 and give them a year's worth of free outdoor recreation if they move to the Mountain State. The program is kicking off by accepting applicants who will commit to living in Morgantown (later cities will include Shepherdstown and Lewisburg, one of America's favorite mountain towns.)

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