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West Virginia Emerges as the Most Affordable State for Retirement in 2023


In the golden years of life, when work subsides and relaxation takes precedence, the question often arises – where to retire? In 2023, the answer might surprise you. West Virginia, adorned with Appalachian beauty and a cost of living that’s music to the ears of those on a fixed income, has been ranked as the most affordable state to retire by Bankrate’s ‘Best and Worst States to Retire’ list.

West Virginia may not be the first place that springs to mind when considering retirement destinations. Yet, its compelling blend of affordability and amenity makes it a magnet for those seeking a tranquil and cost-effective retirement. The state’s relatively light tax burden, low cost of living, and tax-friendly policies towards retirees contribute to its top ranking for affordability.

But it’s not just about the money. West Virginia also ranked third best overall for retirement, scoring high in wellbeing, weather, and crime categories. This signifies that it’s not just an economical choice but also a place where retirees can enjoy a high quality of life.

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