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West Virginia High Tech Foundation plans solar test bed, new NOAA ground station projects for summer


The West Virginia High Technology Foundation has two major projects in the works for the I-79 High Technology Park this summer: a solar test bed that could spark growth in renewable energy, and a new NOAA ground station that will monitor and collect space weather data.
Foundation President and CEO Jim Estep said his team is in the process of finalizing plans for the solar test bed, which will include a 1-megawatt solar grid. He said this grid will generate energy and be used for testing and evaluation and research development.
The production of the test bed, which will be the result of a collaboration among the foundation, West Virginia University and FirstEnergy Corporation, began thanks to the West Virginia Legislature passing a utility solar bill in 2020, which led to energy companies Mon Power and Appalachian Power launching “significant” solar generation projects, according to Estep.

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