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West Virginia Homeowners Rescue Program saves Kanawha woman’s home


For many homeowners, staying on top of mortgage and utility payments is easy. They have a secure job and a steady paycheck, maybe even money in savings. But once the COVID-19 pandemic hit, it became obvious how even just one missed payment could cause major financial setbacks for even the most responsible homeowner.
C., a Kanawha County homeowner, knows that all too well. Although she has a great job with benefits that include sick pay, her bout with COVID last spring almost cost her her home.
“I was diagnosed with COVID in the spring,” she said. “As a result, I was in the hospital for five days. I have sick leave through my job and health insurance, but with a high deductible, so the prescribed medications were all out-of-pocket and expensive. I fell behind on my payments trying to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ just to keep the water and lights on. I just could not catch up.”
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