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West Virginia Northern Community College Expands Criminal Justice Program


The public shouldn’t be alarmed if they drive past the West Virginia Northern Community College campus in downtown Wheeling this fall, they see caution tape and people are investigating what appears to be a crime scene.

WVNCC has added a criminal investigations class to its growing criminal justice program, and much of the lab work is going to be taking place outside for now.
“It’s not just about textbooks, powerpoints and slides. We will actually be doing hands-on stuff,” said John Lantz, assistant professor and chair of the criminal justice program at West Virginia Northern Community College.

“People in the area will see students out there in the fall, and we will be roping off crime scenes. I’m sure I’m going to have to contact everyone in the know (law enforcement and the media).”

The new class is being offered starting with the upcoming semester that starts Aug. 23, and there’s still time to pre-register, Lantz said. The course is open to as many as 10 students.

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