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West on winning


MORGANTOWN, W.Va. — Jerry West had a love in his life and was fortunate enough to not only pursue it but to become the personification of what it was about. 

When they came to choose someone for the NBA logo, a shadow figure of West dribbling the ball was selected in 1969 and has lasted all these years. There is a movement afoot now to replace it with Kobe Bryant, but there is really no need to do this for Jerry West represented all you want in a logo. 

On court he was among the greatest ever, off-court as well. He loved basketball, lived for basketball and, in the end, became basketball, first at West Virginia where he led the team to its only NCAA Final, then with the U.S. Olympic team in 1960, an all-amateur team that won the gold, and then in the NBA, where he was tormented by failing to win an NBA title until his last of 10 appearances in the finals. 

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