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What makes West Virginia wonderful is right outside your window.


In West Virginia, we are blessed with four incredible seasons that show us every few months how beautiful change can be. More than mere changes in the weather, these seasons show off our state’s unrivaled natural beauty, and bring people from all over the world to catch a glimpse of our wonderful mountain views and enjoy outdoor activities for the first time and return visits. As the tourism and outdoor recreation industry in West Virginia continues to grow, our state has everything we need to fulfill that deep desire in human nature to be outside.   

When you live, work, and play in West Virginia, it doesn’t take long to realize how blessed you are to be here. It comes in thrilling moments, when you feel the sun on your face while kayaking down a rapid, or rush down a fabulous ski run. And it comes in the stillness, when you hear birdsongs fill the tree canopy above you while you enjoy a hike or when you see the majestic colors of our forests in the fall.  

People who visit quickly realize this as well. That is why they continue to return.   

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