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What the world can learn from West Virginia’s successful vaccine roll-out


On an early February day, two nurses make their way up a steep dirt road, toward the top of what most locals know as Murder Mountain, to reach the home of Bonnie White. Here they will administer her first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine.

“I love you,” says White in a singsong voice when nurse Cristine Dean arrives.
“I love you, too. How are you doing?” Dean replies, setting down her medical bag.

White’s husband, Jerry, died almost two years ago. When he was alive, he would take every opportunity to joke around with Dean and her supervisor, Kimberly Becher, the doctor who runs the health clinic in Clay County. Because severe rheumatoid arthritis has largely immobilized White, Dean and Becher have been making regular home visits, driving nearly half an hour to get to where she lives.
But this visit was special. Dean and Jeremy Walker, a recently hired nurse, had been assigned to deliver the COVID-19 vaccine to home-bound patients. Immediately upon entering White’s home, they asked a series of questions to assess her health and determine whether she would be able to handle it.

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