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What to expect working with the U.S. Air Force as a contractor


Working with the Air Force – and the public sector, in general – may seem like an unfamiliar (or even intimidating) task. This article will give you a quick rundown of common aspects of this relationship that will help to prepare you for the future.

An aspect of working with government entities that throws many people off before they’ve even started is that they must contend with infamous ‘red tape.’ While it’s true that federal departments like the U.S. Air Force possess their own distinct rules, policies, and regulations from the private sector, that simply means they’re different, not necessarily stricter. Contractors sometimes find the transition difficult because of the need to learn another way of conducting business, research, manufacture, etc. – maybe that reputation has caused a bit of trepidation in you, as well. Part of Vertx’s forte is educating newcomers on the unique rules of working with the Air Force, which is just part of what makes us an invaluable tool in your business toolbox.

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