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Why West Virginia?


In the wake of a global pandemic, many people are taking a hard look at what is most important. As some decide to move to less populated, rural areas, West Virginia Executive is here to answer the question, “Why West Virginia?”  

“Country roads take me home to the place I belong—West Virginia.” 

People from around the world love these popular words written and recorded by John Denver, but many of them have absolutely no idea what West Virginia is like. 

The Mountain State’s narrative is one of overcoming challenges. Born in rebellion and forged on the backs of hardworking coal miners, West Virginians have a long history of exceeding outsiders’ expectations and fighting against negative stereotypes. Today, it is best-known for its mountainous terrain, beautiful overlooks, rural communities and kind, welcoming people. 

There are many advantages to living in this small but mighty state, including low costs, room to roam and grow, proximity to major cities, tight-knit communities and access to top-notch outdoor recreation. So, to quote another song commonly sung by West Virginia 4-H members, we invite you to come home to West Virginia. 

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