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Workplace Wellness in West Virginia


It is said that the sun doesn’t always shine in West Virginia, but the people do. Those in the Mountain State are some of the hardest working, community-oriented, giving people in the country. As a shining leader in manufacturing, made-in-America exports and energy production, it is easy to see how determined our workers are. But what happens when our workforce cannot function due to decreased physical and mental wellbeing? Active Southern West Virginia (ASWV), through the Workplace Wellness Membership, is trying to increase the culture of health within the workplace.

“We couldn’t ask for a better support system,” says Jeremy Morris of Columbia Forest Products. “We’ve worked with Active for four years, and if we have an event, they regularly provide support and activities for our staff.”

The programming that ASWV promotes is completely free, CDC-backed and evidence-based, which allows for targeted, effective, long-lasting wellness programming specific to each work site.

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