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XATOR – Providing tailored training solutions for clients in a world of ever-evolving security challenges


Offering advice, training, solutions and…racecars? Xator Corporation’s mission is to allow customers and clients to safely, efficiently, and effectively conduct their business. The company offers a fresh perspective and unconventional approaches to challenges associated with protecting critical infrastructure, assets, facilities, information, and people worldwide. Xator provides services in more than 120 countries worldwide and is a provider of world-class biometrics and identity management solutions. 

Xator achieves its objectives by providing intelligent, situational awareness and protected solutions. This is where the race track and racecars come in. Summit Point Training Facility has four paved driving circuits. Each course simulates actual road conditions with incline and decline hills, increasing and decreasing radius turns, on camber and off camber turns as well as hill crests and blind curves. Additionally, 250 acres of Summit Point Training Facility has seven miles of dedicated unimproved roads consisting of shale, clay, gravel, grass and dirt.

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