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Yes, West Virginia -- The Land of Business Opportunity


There’s no better place to build and grow a business in the Eastern United States than West Virginia. I’m going to tell you something about West Virginia that really hasn’t been talked about enough: West Virginia is winning—and we’re only getting started.

We have expanded our efforts to bring additional investments to West Virginia. The state is changing and creating policy positions necessary to continue the momentum that we have built, and then the value proposition that West Virginia takes to the world with your help to recruit companies and businesses to West Virginia.

We have the right policy positions in place—and the right team—to market that proposition to the world. This isn’t accidental. Over the past several years, we have continually worked to bring the Mountain State into the spotlight. Through those efforts, the West Virginia Department of Economic Development is busier than ever before. West Virginia is growing, and companies worldwide are learning of the West Virginia advantages and saying “Yes, West Virginia.”

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