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You Can Jump From This Appalachian Bridge (Legally) Once A Year


Adventurers love to visit the iconic New River Gorge National Park in southwestern West Virginia. More than 1.4 million people go to the splendid area every year to engage in the most fun activities and witness the marvelous national wonders that the park offers. From rock climbing, paddling, and rafting, to mountain biking, people will have an unforgettable experience in this unique national park.
Covering more than 70,000 acres, the park stretches between the towns of Fayetteville and Hinton along the New River for 53 miles. Whether people want to enjoy breathtaking views, practice outdoor adventure sports, or learn about American history, they’ve got what they wish to at New River Gorge National Park. However, one unique activity can be practiced legally only once a year in the park. Here’s what to know about it.
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