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Young workers learn vital skills in first jobs, West Virginia experts say


Young workers, including high school students and college students, serve an important role in West Virginia’s workforce and gain the necessary skills in their first jobs that will help them achieve future success. 

According to West Virginia Chamber of Commerce President Steve Roberts, it’s important for the younger generation to take advantage of opportunities early on, such as jobs in fast food, retail, and seasonal jobs with city park programs and more to help build important skills and experience. 

“We want to do everything we can to encourage younger workers to come into the workforce and get on-the-job training as an experience. We have two summer interns here at the West Virginia Chamber of Commerce, one a West Virginia University student and one a high school student. What we have found over time is that the exposure to what is going on, the experience of being in the workplace, is just invaluable to young people who are finding out what a work day is really like and what work experience is like,” he said. 

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