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Accountancy, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-3557Website:
The Board is charged with the administration and enforcement of the provisions of the Accountancy Law, W.Va. Code §30-9-1 et seq.
Acupuncture Board
Phone: (304) 558-1060Website:
The primary purpose of this Board is to protect the West Virginia consumer through the licensure and regulation of acupuncturists. The Board reviews the credentials of all applicants and strives to ensure that only qualified...
Administration, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-4331Website:
The Department of Administration strives to operate a cost-efficient, customer-oriented service department whose actions are transparent to the taxpayers resulting in innovative solutions and quality results for a government that effectively ser...
Aeronautics Commission
Phone: 304-558-3436Website:
The West Virginia Aeronautics Commission (WVAC) fosters and assists in the development of aeronautics in West Virginia and encourages the establishment of airports and air navigation facilities.
Agriculture, West Virginia Department of
Phone: (304) 558-3550Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Department of Agriculture is to protect plant, animal and human health and the state’s food supply through a variety of scientific and regulatory programs; to provide vision, strategic planning and emergency resp...
Air Quality Board
Phone: (304) 926-0445Website:
The West Virginia Air Quality Board is a quasi-judicial Board of review responsible for hearing appeals regarding the issuance or denial of permits, permit conditions, or enforcement decisions rendered by the West Virginia Department of Environm...
Alcohol Beverage Control Administration
Phone: (304) 356-5500Website:
The mission of the Alcohol Beverage Control Administration is to license wholesalers and retailers, sell distilled spirits at wholesale, and to enforce the laws and regulations governing alcoholic beverages in the State of West Virginia.
Architects, Board of
Phone: (304)-558-1406Website:
The West Virginia State Board of Architects was established to safeguard the life, health, property and public welfare of the people of this state and to protect the people against the unauthorized, unqualified and improper practice of architect...
Archives and History Commission
Phone: (304) 558-0230Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is to identify, preserve, protect, promote, and present the ideas, arts, and artifacts of West Virginia's heritage, building pride in our past accomplishments and confidence in our...
Athletic Commission, State
Phone: (304) 558-1428Website:
The Commission has sole direction, management and control of the jurisdiction over all amateur, professional and semi-professional boxing, sparing matches and exhibitions, or any form thereof, to be conducted, held or given within the state of W...
Attorney General, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-2021Website:
The overarching mission of the Office of the Attorney General, as set forth in the West Virginia Constitution and the West Virginia Code, is to serve as the chief legal officer for the State of West Virginia. The Attorney General Speaks for the ...
Auditor, Office of State
Phone: (304) 558-2251Website:
The State Auditor serves as the state’s official bookkeeper, Chief Inspector and Supervisor over Public Offices, Securities Commissioner and Commissioner of Delinquent and Non-entered Lands. Visitors to  can click on “Accounting” to find th...
Aviation Division
Phone: (304) 558-0403Website:
The Mission of the State Aviation Division is to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of State Government by providing safe and professional aviation support. Reducing travel time and increasing productivity for the State executives is a pri...
Bar, West Virginia State
Phone: (304) 553-7220Website:
The objects of the West Virginia State Bar shall be to protect the interests of the public; to advance the administration of justice and the science of jurisprudence; to improve the relations between the public and the bench and the bar; to upho...
Barbers and Cosmetologists, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-2924Website:
The Board of Barbers and Cosmetologists is responsible for the health and welfare of all West Virginia citizens who seek professional services in barbering, cosmetology, manicuring and aesthetics by striving for sanitary conditions, procedures, ...
Behavioral Health, Bureau for
Phone: (304) 558-0627Website:
We ensure that positive meaningful opportunities are available for persons with mental illness, chemical dependency, developmental disabilities and those at risk. We provide support for individuals, families, and communities in assisting persons...
Budget Office, State
Phone: (304) 558-0040Website:
 The State Budget Office acts as the staff agency for the Governor in the exercise of his or her powers and duties under the state constitution in providing budgetary information and control to all branches of state government in order to a...
Catastrophic Illness Commission
Phone: (304) 558-6073Website:
The Commission acts as a last resort for those in dire need of medical assistance once all other resources are exhausted. The Commission, guided by a Governor-appointed board made up of citizens from across the state, is ad...
Chief Medical Examiner, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-6920Website:
The Office of the Chief Medical Examiner is mandated under Chapter 61 of the West Virginia code to investigate and certify all deaths that occur within the state of West Virginia that are the result of violence, suspected violence, deaths due to...
Child Support Enforcement, Bureau for
Phone: (304) 558-3780Website:
The Mission of the West Virginia Bureau for Child Support Enforcement is to promote and enhance the social, emotional and financial bonds between children and their parents.
Children and Families, Bureau for
Phone: (304) 558-0628Website:
The Bureau for Children and Families provides an accessible, integrated, comprehensive quality service system for West Virginia's children, families and adults to help them achieve maximum potential and improve their quality of life.
Children's Health Insurance Program
Phone: (304) 558-2732Website:
WVCHIP was created to help working families who do not have health insurance for their children.
Chiropractic, Board of
Phone: (304) 746-7839Website:
The West Virginia Board of Chiropractic is responsible for licensing individuals qualified to practice chiropractic in the State of West Virginia. The Board examines for licensure and protects the public by enforcing the general statutes that re...
Commerce, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-2234Website:
The overall mission of the Department of Commerce is to promote and preserve the well-being of the citizens of West Virginia by providing a cooperative interagency system that stimulates diverse economic growth and increased employment opportunit...
Consolidated Public Retirement Board
Phone: (304) 558-3570Website:
The Consolidated Public Retirement Board is responsible for the administration of all State retirement plans for educational employees, public employees, deputy sheriffs, judges, and public safety personnel with the exclusion of some higher educ...
Contractor Licensing Board
Phone: (304) 558-7890
In 1991, the West Virginia Legislature enacted the Contractor Licensing Act. This law was established to set specific professional guidelines for contractors as well as to protect state businesses​ and consumers who utilize their services. The law esta...
Corrections and Rehabilitation, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-2036Website:
The West Virginia Division of Corrections and Rehabilitation is dedicated to enhancing public safety for the State of West Virginia and to provide services and responsiveness to victims of crime. Links are provided for Victim Services, Offender ...
Counseling, Board of Examiners in
Phone: (304) 558-5494Website:
The West Virginia Board of Examiners in Counseling is the licensing and regulatory authority for professional counselors in West Virginia.  The primary mission of the Board is to enforce licensure rules and ethical standards for professiona...
Credit Union, The State
Phone: (304) 558-0566Website:
West Virginia Public Employees Credit Union was founded in 1981 to provide financial services to state employees and their family's. Today, the credit union has expanded and serves retired state employees, political subdivisions of the state who...
Culture and History, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-0220Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Division of Culture and History is to identify, preserve, protect, promote and present the ideas, arts and artifacts of West Virginia’s heritage, building pride in our past accomplishments and confidence in our f...
Deaf and Hard of Hearing, Commission for the
Phone: (304) 558-1675Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Commission for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing (WVCDHH) is to advocate for, develop, and coordinate public policies, regulations, and programs to assure full and equal opportunity for persons who are deaf and hard o...
Dental Examiners, Board of
Phone: (877) 914-8266Website:
The purpose of the Board is to protect the public by statues and regulation of the practice of dentists and dental hygienists.
Development Office
Phone: (304) 558-2234Website:
Our mission is to improve the quality of life for all West Virginians by strengthening our communities and expanding the state's economy to create more and better jobs.
Developmental Disabilities Council
Phone: (304) 558-0416Website:
The West Virginia Developmental Disabilities Council was founded to assure that West Virginia citizens with developmental disabilities receive the services, supports, and other forms of assistance they need to exercise self...
Dietitians, Board of Licensed
Phone: (304) 558-1024Website:
The West Virginia Board of Licensed Dietitians is a regulatory and disciplinary body. It is the sole authority for the issuance of licenses to practice dietetics in the State of West Virginia. The purpose of the Board is to protect the public int...
Economic Development Authority
Phone: (304) 558-3650Website:
The WVEDA is charged with the responsibility to develop and advance the business prosperity and economic welfare of the State of West Virginia, by providing financial assistance in the form of loans and direct financing and operating leases to i...
Education, State Department of
Phone: (304) 558-2681Website:
The department provides resources and guidance to West Virginia's public schools and districts as they implement the state's K-12 education requirements.
Education, West Virginia Board of
Phone: (304) 558-3660Website:
The West Virginia Board of Education establishes policies and rules to assure implementation of education goals and to ensure the general supervision, oversight and monitoring of a thorough and efficient educational system.
Emergency Medical Services, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-3956Website:
The mission of the Office of Emergency Medical Services is to reduce death and disability by promoting, supporting, and enhancing a comprehensive EMS system, thus improving the quality of life for everyone.
Energy, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-2234Website:
The West Virginia Division of Energy is responsible for the formulation and implementation of fossil, renewable and energy efficiency initiatives designed to advance energy resource development opportunities and provide energy services to business...
Enterprise Resource Planning Board (wvOASIS)
Phone: (304) 356-2462Website:
The State of West Virginia will leverage enterprise resource planning (ERP) technology to gain operational efficiencies and seamless integration across administrative business functions by fundamentally transforming how the State manages its fin...
Environmental Health Services, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-2981Website:
To enhance environmental health protection for every West Virginia citizen and visitor through quality programs that are designed and administered to serve, educate, and regulate in the least restrictive and most efficient manner.
Environmental Protection, Department of
Phone: (304) 926-0440Website:
The West Virginia Department of Environmental Protection’s mission is to promote a healthy environment.
Epidemiology and Prevention Services, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-5358Website:
The Office of Epidemiology and Prevention Services (OEPS) is a part of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources Bureau for Public Health and consists of seven divisions including Infectious Disease Epidemiology, Immunization Se...
Equal Opportunity, Office of
Phone: (304) 352-5907Website:
This Office was created to provide expert knowledge to various stakeholders, including state agencies, on the state and federal laws governing equal employment rights. Our goal is to also have an in-depth working knowledge of the challenges facing West...
Ethics Commission
Phone: (304) 558-0664Website:
The WV Ethics Commission was created in 1989 to implement and enforce a code of ethical conduct enacted by the Legislature for public servants (W. Va. Code §§ 6B-1-1 through 6B-3-11). The Ethics Commission also issues Advisory Opinions, and prov...
Finance Division, Department of Administration
Phone: (304) 558-6181Website:
The Finance Division provides improved financial management of the resources of the State through: implementation of improved financial and budgetary accounting information systems, preparation of a Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAF...
Financial Institutions, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-2294Website:
The Division of Financial Institutions is a state regulatory agency responsible for the oversight of our state's financial services industry in order to foster and promote a sound and dynamic climate for the citizens and businesses of West Virgi...
Fire Commission, State
Phone: (304) 558-2191Website:
To provide, through Leadership, the best possible Fire Prevention and Life Safety for our citizens by Legislation, Education, Training, Standards and Resource Allocation.
Fleet Management Division
Phone: (304) 558-2614Website:
Provide safe, efficient, and reliable fleet services in the most cost effective manner possible. We will be enablers for state spending units by providing exceptional fleet service, promoting teamwork to accomplish the State's strategic goals an...
Foresters, Board of Registration for
Phone: (304) 415-3952Website:
The West Virginia Board of Registration for Foresters has the responsibility of registration of foresters and forestry technicians and the regulation of the practice of forestry in the state of West Virginia. The Board was established by the Wes...
Forestry, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-2788Website:
Regulates and coordinates forestry activities on the state's forest land. The division's programs include Forest Fire Control, Logging Regulation, Water Quality, Landowner Assistance, Forest Stewardship, Ginseng Regulation, Forestry Industry Ass...
Funeral Service Examiners, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-0302Website:
Responsible for protecting the public interest by overseeing the licensure of persons who wish to practice embalming, funeral directing and cremation and to operate a funeral establishment and crematory in the state of West Virginia.
Fusion Center
Phone: (304) 558-4831Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Intelligence Fusion Center is to anticipate, identify, prevent, and monitor criminal activity and all other hazards and to responsibly distribute that intelligence to its stakeholders while both protecting the ri...
Geological and Economic Survey
Phone: 304-594-2331Website:
The Survey is here to serve you - to answer your West Virginia geology-related and earth science questions, whether you are a landowner or engineer, professional or student, private citizen or company representative.
Governor's Office
Phone: (304) 558-2000Website:
West Virginia's Governor is the Chief Executive of many departments, agencies and offices that help make West Virginia a better place to live, work, and enjoy.
Health and Human Resources, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-0684Website:
The West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources is responsible for administering many programs that benefit the citizens of West Virginia.
Health Care Authority
Phone: (304) 558-7000Website:
 The Health Care Authority's goals are to control health care costs, improve the quality and efficiency of the health care system, encourage collaboration and develop a system of health care delivery which makes health services available to...
Health Facility Licensure and Certification, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-0050Website:
OHFLAC helps shape healthy environments for clients, patients and residents within healthcare facilities by promoting the quality services and high standards of care that exist when facilities are in compliance with state licensure rules and fed...
Health Information Network, West Virginia
Phone: (304) 558-4503Website:
The purpose of the West Virginia Health Information Network (WVHIN) is to promote the design, implementation, operation, and maintenance of a network to facilitate public and private use of health care information in the State. It is intended th...
Health Promotion and Chronic Disease, Division of
Phone: (304) 356-4193Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Division of Health Promotion and Chronic Disease (HPCD) is to advocate for chronic disease management and prevention. Chronic diseases are illnesses or conditions such as cardiovascular disease, asthma, or arthri...
Health Statistics Center
Phone: (304) 558-9100Website:
The Health Statistics Center (HSC) is a division of the West Virginia Department of Health and Human Resources, Bureau for Public Health, Office of Epidemiology and Health Promotion. The HSC has two main functions. The first is to be the state’s...
Hearing Aid Dealers & Fitters, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-3527Website:
The Board is established to protect the hearing impaired public of West Virginia by registering, licensing, and regulating those who fit and sell hearing aids.
Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affairs
Phone: 304.356.2023Website:
The Herbert Henderson Office of Minority Affair's (HHOMA) mission is to provide forums for discussion of minority issues and assist in the development of strategies to deal with those issues.
Higher Education
Phone: (304) 558-2102Website:
The Commission develops and oversees a public policy agenda for West Virginia’s four-year colleges and universities. Comprised of a 10-member board, the Commission works with institutions on accomplishing their missions and carrying out state pr...
Highways Division
Phone: (304) 558-3505Website:
Traversing mountains, valleys, wild rivers and rolling countryside, the roadways maintained by WVDOT include: 37,370 miles of public roads 34,610 miles of state highway 88 miles of the West Virginia Turnpike 549 miles o...
Homeland Security, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-2930Website:
The Department of Homeland Security has three seamless, but unique missions in its service to the State of West Virginia consisting of Military Affairs, Public Safety, and Homeland Security.
House of Delegates
Phone: (304) 340-3210Website:
The West Virginia House of Delegates is the lower house of the West Virginia Legislature. The House is composed of 100 members elected for two year terms.
Housing Development Fund
Phone: (304) 391-8600Website:
The WVHDF is a public body corporate, and governmental instrumentality of the State of West Virginia, established to develop and improve housing opportunities for its residents.
Human Rights Commission
Phone: (304) 558-2616Website:
The West Virginia Human Rights Commission is a state government agency that investigates and adjudicates discrimination complaints in the areas of employment, housing and places of public accommodation.  As a part of its mission, the Human ...
Insurance Commissioner, Offices of the
Phone: 304-558-3386Website:
The West Virginia Offices of the Insurance Commissioner is responsible for the regulation of the West Virginia insurance market including consumer protections for our citizens.
Investment Management Board
Phone: (304) 345-2672Website:
The WVIMB was organized to provide prudent fiscal administration and investment management services to designated State defined benefit retirement plans, the State’s Workers’ Compensation and Coal Workers’ Pneumoconiosis plans, and certain other...
Job Investment Trust Board, West Virginia
Phone: (304) 345-6200Website:
West Virginia Jobs Investment Trust (JIT) is a public venture capital fund created to develop, promote and expand West Virginia’s economy by making investment funds available to eligible businesses, thus stimulating economi...
Justice and Community Services
Phone: (304) 558-8814Website:
Our duties are to assist in protecting the public through research, planning and coordination of services, training and certification of law enforcement officers, and administration of grant funding programs to enhance the capacity of criminal j...
Labor, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-7890Website:
Operating under the umbrella of the West Virginia Department of Commerce, the Division of Labor is a multi-faceted and diverse state agency that touches nearly every aspect of the lives of consumers and businesses in West Virginia. Many of the p...
Laboratory Services, Office Of
Phone: (304) 558-3530Website:
The Office of Laboratory Services is dedicated to the promotion, protection and assurance of the health of citizens of West Virginia through the pursuit of these objectives: To provide quality-assured laboratory services as an aid in the dia...
Landscape Architects, Board of
Phone: (855) 226-1273Website:
The mission of the West Virginia State Board of Landscape Architects is to protect the health, safety interest, and welfare of the public and to provide for the regulation of landscape architecture in this state.
Phone: (304) 347-4800Website:
The elected, representative branch of State government formed by the constitution to make and revise laws, approve certain executive nominations, and propose constitutional changes.
Library Commission
Phone: (304) 558-2041Website:
The West Virginia Library Commission encourages lifelong learning, individual empowerment, civic engagement and an enriched quality of life by enhancing library and information services for all West Virginians.
Licensed Practical Nurses
Phone: (304) 558-3572Website:
The West Virginia Board of Examiners for Licensed Practical Nurses is a legally constituted agency of State government established by the West Virginia Legislature.
Local Health, Center for
Phone: (304) 558-1437Website:
Our mission is to enhance the framework of local health department operation as they deliver public health services and improve community health. The Division of Local Health provides technical support and assistance to 49 autonomous local board...
Lottery Commission
Phone: (304) 558-0500Website:
The commission was created in 1985 to assist and advise the director of the Lottery and to carry on a continuous study of West Virginia Lottery operations throughout the state. Members are appointed by the Governor with the approval of the senat...
Marketing and Communications
Phone: (304) 558-2003
Massage Therapy Licensure Board
Phone: (304) 558-1060Website:
The Massage Therapy Board is charged by the state of West Virginia with assuring proper education, experience, and expertise of all individuals who practice Massage Therapy with the state.
Maternal, Child and Family Health, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-5388Website:
The mission of the Office of Maternal, Child and Family Health is to provide leadership to support state and community efforts to build systems of care that assure the health and well-being of all West Virginians.
Medical Cannabis, Office of
Phone: 304-356-5090Website:
Senate Bill 386, signed into law on April 19, 2017, by Governor Jim Justice, created the Medical Cannabis Act that allows for cannabis to be used for certified medical use by a West Virginia resident with a serious medical condition and is limited by l...
Medical Imaging & Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners
Phone: (304) 558-4012Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy Technology Board of Examiners is to be the driving force behind the highest quality imaging and radiation safety standards in West Virginia through the licensure of education...
Medical Services, Bureau for
Phone: (304) 558-1700Website:
Assure access to appropriate, medically necessary quality health care. To make the Bureau user friendly for providers and beneficiaries. Improve the health of West Virginians by focusing on preventive care.
Medicine, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-2921Website:
The West Virginia Board of Medicine is the sole authority for the issuance of licenses to practice medicine and surgery, to practice podiatry, and to practice as physician assistant for a medical doctor (M.D.) in the State of West Virginia, and ...
Miners' Health, Safety and Training, Office of
Phone: 304-558-1425Website:
The WV Office of Miners' Health, Safety and Training is responsible for the enforcement of the West Virginia Mine Safety Laws and Regulations (Chapter 22A Code of WV).
Motor Vehicles, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-3900Website:
The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) is comprised of more than 6,000 men and women who work in the Division of Highways; Division of Motor Vehicles; Division of Public Transit; the Public Port Authority; the Parkways, Economic De...
Municipal Bond Commission
Phone: (304) 558-3971Website:
The West Virginia Municipal Bond Commission is focused on providing state and local government bond issuers with economical, financial and managerial service. The Commission is appointed as fiscal agent for all general obligation (tax levy) bond...
Natural Resources, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-2754Website:
It is the statutory mission of the West Virginia Division of Natural Resources to provide and administer a long-range comprehensive program for the exploration, conservation, development, protection, enjoyment and use of the natural resources of...
Nursing Home Administrators Licensing Board
Phone: (304) 586-4070Website:
The primary purpose of the Board is to protect the public good by developing and enforcing regulations to govern the practice of nursing home administration in West Virginia.
Nutrition Services, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-0030
Located within the West Virginia Bureau for Public Health, the Office of Nutrition Services administers several programs and initiatives designed to promote a healthy start for West Virginia's children. These are: -The Farmer's Market Nutrit...
Occupational Therapy, Board of
Phone: (304) 285-3150Website:
The West Virginia Board of Occupational Therapy regulates and licenses persons providing occupational therapy services to the general public in the State of West Virginia.
Oil and Gas Conservation Commission
Phone: (304) 926-0499 x1274Website:
The West Virginia Oil and Gas Conservation Commission (OGCC) regulates the drilling of deep wells in the state. The OGCC reviews deep well applications and grants deep well approval  when requirements are met; the OGCC conducts hearings on ...
Optometry, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-5901Website:
The mission of the Board of Optometry is to ensure that all applicants for licensure and all Doctors of Optometry currently licensed, practice their profession in a manner that benefits and protects the public, and to ensure that the highest qua...
Osteopathy, Board of
Phone: (304) 723-4638Website:
The West Virginia Board of Osteopathic Medicine handles the oversight of legal issuances of licenses to practice osteopathic medicine as physicians and physician's assistants in the state of West Virginia. The Board also investigates all complai...
Personnel, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-3950Website:
The Division of Personnel’s mission is to provide personnel management programs to support State agencies in employing and retaining individuals of the highest ability and integrity to provide efficient and effective governmental services for th...
Pharmacy, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-0558Website:
It is the duty of the Board of Pharmacy to protect the public health, safety, and welfare by the effective regulation of the practice of the pharmacy; the licensure of pharmacists; the licensure and regulation of all sites or persons who distrib...
Physical Therapy, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-0367Website:
The WV Board of Physical Therapy is a state regulatory board that was created by the WV Legislature to regulate the practice of physical therapy in order to protect the public from the unauthorized, unqualified and unregulated practice of physic...
Primary Care, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-4007Website:
The mission of the Division of Primary Care is to award annual grant funding for primary care support, to improve patients’ accessibility to affordable quality health care, regardless of ability to pay.
Privacy Office, West Virginia State
Phone: (304) 558-7000Website:
The West Virginia State Privacy Office serves the citizens of the State by managing the protection of personally identifiable information (PII) collected and maintained by Executive Branch agencies.
Professional Engineers, Board of Registration for
Phone: (304) 558-3554Website:
The West Virginia State Board of Registration for Professional Engineers has a major role in ensuring that Professional Engineers and their employing firms provide the highest quality professional services.
Prosecuting Attorneys Institute
Phone: (304) 558-3348Website:
The mission of the Prosecuting Attorney's Institute is to, provide Special Prosecutors where Elected Prosecutors of West Virginia are unable to serve, provide training, service, support and resources to the prosecutors and staff to enhance and i...
Protective Services, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-9911
The Division of Protective Services within the West Virginia Department of Military Affairs and Public Safety was created to provide for the safety and security of individuals who visit, conduct business or work at the Capitol Complex and other ...
Psychologists, Board of Examiners of
Phone: (304) 558-3040Website:
The Board of Examiner's mission is to ensure that competent psychological services are available to all the citizens of West Virginia.
Public Defender Services
Phone: (304) 558-3905Website:
The West Virginia Public Defender Services funds all indigent defense for the State of West Virginia.
Public Employees Grievance Board
Phone: (304) 558-3361Website:
From 1985 through the first half of 2007, the West Virginia Education and State Employees Grievance Board served the employers, the public employees and people of the State of West Virginia. In it’s twenty years of operation the Board establishe...
Public Employees Insurance Agency
Phone: (304) 558-7850Website:
PEIA was established under the Public Employees Insurance Act of 1971, to provide hospital, surgical, group major medical, prescription drug, group life, and accidental death and dismemberment insurance coverage to eligible employees; and to est...
Public Health, Bureau for
Phone: (304) 558-2971Website:
The Mission is to help shape the environments within which West Virginians in their communities can be safe and healthy.  A community can be as small as a neighborhood or as large as the entire state.  In fulfilling our Mission, the Bu...
Public Port Authority
Phone: (304) 558-0330Website:
The Ohio, Kanawha, Big Sandy, Little Kanawha and the Monongahela Rivers have influenced the lives of 1.2 million West Virginians over the years living within the twenty-two river counties. Historically, the Ohio River and its tributaries have be...
Public Service Commission
Phone: (304) 340-0300Website:
The Public Service Commission (PSC) supports and promotes a utility regulatory and transportation safety environment that balances the interests of all parties and pursues excellence through quality. We do so to ensure that reasonably priced and...
Public Transit, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-0428Website:
Buses are a vital form of transportation in West Virginia, especially in rural areas and for special population groups such as the elderly and disabled. West Virginia’s Division of Public Transit (DPT) strives to ensure the best possible experie...
Purchasing Division
Phone: (304) 558-2306Website:
The mission of the Purchasing Division is to provide valued services to our customers by making sound and effective decisions in accordance with state law. As a customer-driven organization, we strive to exercise prudent and fair spending practi...
Board of Examiners for Registered Professional Nurses
Phone: (304) 744-0900Website:
The RN Board is established by the West Virginia Legislature to promote and protect public health, safety, and welfare through the regulation of registered professional nurses and dialysis technicians.
Racing Commission
Phone: (304) 558-2150Website:
The West Virginia Racing Commission oversees and regulates the Greyhound and Thoroughbred horse racing industry in West Virginia. The West Virginia Racing Commission licenses all persons, associations, or corporations that hold any horse racing ...
Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board
Phone: (304) 558-3919Website:
The Real Estate Appraiser Licensing and Certification Board's mission is to protect the public interest by assuring that all consumers of real estate appraisal services receive such services from appraisers who are fully qualified in accordance w...
Real Estate Commission
Phone: (304) 558-3555Website:
The West Virginia Real Estate Commission has the principal purpose of protecting the public interest from the unauthorized, unqualified and unregulated practice of real estate brokerage through enactment of WV Code 30-40 and to regulate the gran...
Real Estate, Division of
Phone: (304) 558-3062Website:
Establish a highly qualified and effective centralized real estate resource with capabilities that enable state agencies to perform professionally while enhancing efficiency, improving performance, and reducing costs wherever possible.
Rehabilitation Services, Division of
Phone: (304) 356-2060Website:
The West Virginia Division of Rehabilitation Services helps people with disabilities prepare for, get, keep or advance in competitive employment. To accomplish that goal, we can provide a broad range of vocational rehabilitation services, such a...
Respiratory Care, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-1382Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Board of Respiratory Care is to provide oversight of the licensing of respiratory care practitioners in the State of West Virginia.
Revenue, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-1017Website:
The mission of the Department of Revenue is to administer and enforce West Virginia revenue laws, to efficiently collect the proper amount of revenues due the State, to fairly and economically administer laws pertaining to the sale and consumpti...
Risk and Insurance Management, Board of
Phone: (304) 766-2646Website:
A five-member board, appointed by the governor, governs the West Virginia Board of Risk and Insurance Management (BRIM). BRIM operates under the authority of Chapter 29, Article 12; and Chapter 33, Article 30 of the West Virginia Code, as amende...
Sanitarians, State Board of
Phone: (304) 356-4328Website:
Pursuant to West Virginia State Code, Chapter 30, Article 17, the State Board of Sanitarians began registering Sanitarians in West Virginia on July 1, 1992.  The Board is made up of seven members, four currently employ...
School Building Authority
Phone: (304) 558-2541Website:
The School Building Authority (SBA) was created in 1989 by the West Virginia Legislature. The Authority was empowered to facilitate and provide state funds for the construction and maintenance of school facilities to meet the educational needs o...
Secretary of State, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-6000Website:
The office of the West Virginia Secretary of State serves as the state’s chief election officer, registrar of business and charities, keeper of the great seal of our state, oversees public notary commissions and much more. Our office strives to ...
Senior Services, Bureau of
Phone: (304) 558-3317Website:
The West Virginia Bureau of Senior Services is a cabinet-level agency within state government and acts as the lead entity for programs serving older West Virginians. A Commissioner appointed by the Governor is the chief administrative officer an...
Social Work, Board of
Phone: (304) 400-4980
The purpose of the Board is to protect the public by setting standards of qualification, education, training and experience for those who seek licensure and to promote high standards of professional and ethical performance for those engaged in t...
Solid Waste Management Board
Phone: 304-926-0448Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Solid Waste Management Board (SWMB) is to promote the efficient and economical collection, and proper recycling, reuse, and disposal of solid waste by providing assistance to government agencies, private industries, and...
State Police, West Virginia
Phone: (304) 746-2100Website:
The mission of the West Virginia State Police is to provide direct and indirect law enforcement services, in a proficient and courteous manner, to the citizens of the state and to other law enforcement entities to ensure the continued security o...
State Rail Authority
Phone: (304) 538-2305Website:
The State Rail Authority promotes the beneficial use of rail transportation and works to protect essential rail service across the state. The Authority performs a number of functions: develops a comprehensive statewide rail plan and works to...
State Senate
Phone: (304) 357-7800Website:
The West Virginia Senate is the upper house of the West Virginia Legislature. There are 17 senatorial districts. Each district has two senators who serve staggered four-year terms.
Supreme Court of Appeals
Phone: (304) 558-2601Website:
The judiciary is one of three coequal branches of state government, each with separate powers. The legislative branch makes the law. The executive branch enforces the law. The judicial branch interprets and applies the law in cases brought befor...
Surplus Property, State Agency for
Phone: (304) 766-2626Website:
The West Virginia State Agency for Surplus Property is a unit under the Purchasing Division. In operating the State and Federal Surplus Property Programs, our state agency has assisted thousands of eligible organizations by offering good, usable...
Surveyors, Board of Professional
Phone: (304) 558-0350Website:
The Board of Professional Surveyors' mission is to protect the public interest and to provide for the regulation of surveying in West Virginia.
Tax Appeals, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-1666Website:
The West Virginia Office of Tax Appeals (“OTA”) began operations on January 01, 2003, pursuant to the provisions of W. Va. Code §§ 11-10A-1 et seq. OTA hears and decides primarily state tax disputes that are not resolved informally before the St...
Tax Department
Phone: (304) 558-3333Website:
The West Virginia tax department provides state income and business tax forms and information to businesses and citizens.
Technology, Office of
Phone: (304) 558-8100Website:
The West Virginia Office of Technology (WVOT), under the Department of Administration and its Chief Technology Officer, sets goals to develop an organized approach to information resource management for this state while providing technical assis...
Threat Preparedness, Center for
Phone: (304) 558-6900 for all staffWebsite:
While reporting directly to the Secretary of DHHR, the Center for Threat Preparedness facilitates advance planning and preparation for health disasters. Responsible for supporting and overseeing these efforts, much of the work itself is undertak...
Tobacco Prevention, Division of
Phone: (304) 356-4193Website:
The goal of the West Virginia Youth Tobacco Prevention Program is to prevent our young people from trying or using tobacco products and to assist the youth who do use tobacco products in reducing the amount they use or quitting.
Transportation, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-0444Website:
The West Virginia Department of Transportation (WVDOT) is comprised of more than 6,000 men and women who work in the Division of Highways; Division of Motor Vehicles; Division of Public Transit; the Public Port Authority; the Parkways, Economic De...
Travel Management Office
Phone: (304) 766-2626Website:
The Travel Management Office of the West Virginia Purchasing Division develops, administers, and revises travel regulations for most executive branch agencies of state government.
Treasurer, Office of State
Phone: (304) 558-5000Website:
Welcome to the West Virginia State Treasurer’s website. This office serves as the state’s banker and chief investment officer, processes the state’s monies and pays all of the state’s bills. On this site you can learn all about the programs and ...
Treasury Investments, Board of
Phone: (304) 558-5000Website:
The West Virginia Legislature created the West Virginia Board of Treasury Investments in July 2005. This board was created to oversee and manage the state’s operating funds, also known as the Consolidated Fund. The Legislature declared that, “.....
West Virginia Tourism Office
Phone: (304) 558-2200Website:
The Division of Tourism, in partnership with the private sector tourism industry, works to cultivate a world-class travel and tourism industry through the creation of jobs, stimulation of investment, expansion of current tourism businesses, and pr...
Veterans Assistance, Department of
Phone: (304) 558-3661Website:
The mission of the West Virginia Department of Veterans Assistance (WVDVA) is to aid and advise honorably discharged West Virginia veterans and their qualifying dependents and to ensure they are provided the care, assistanc...
Veterinary Medicine, Board of
Phone: (304) 776-8032Website:
The West Virginia Board of Veterinary Medicine is the licensing and regulatory agency for veterinarians, registered veterinary technicians and certified animal euthanasia technicians in the State of West Virginia. We also register and inspect vete...
Vital Registration
Phone: (304) 558-2931Website:
Its mission is to collect certificates of vital events such as birth, marriage, death, and fetal deaths (also known as still births).
Volunteer West Virginia
Phone: (304) 558-0111Website:
Volunteer West Virginia, the state's Commission for National and Community Service challenges West Virginians to strengthen their communities through service and volunteerism. We identify and mobilize resources, promote an ethic of service, and ...
Water and Waste Management, Division of (DWWM)
Phone: (304) 926-0495Website:
The Division of Water and Waste Management’s (DWWM) mission is to preserve, protect, and enhance the state’s watersheds for the benefit and safety of all its citizens through implementation of programs controlling hazardous waste, solid waste and sur...
Water Development Authority
Phone: Website:
The West Virginia Water Development Authority (WDA) is the agency that coordinates the financing and closing for all infrastructure loans and economic development loans and provides financing for the design, construction, improvement and acquisi...
Women's Commission
Phone: (304) 558-6073
The West Virginia Women’s Commission promotes the status and empowerment of all West Virginia women through advocacy, research, education, and consensus building. The Commission exists to foster women’s economic, political, educational, and soci...
Work Force West Virginia
Phone: (304) 558-7024Website:
WorkForce West Virginia is a network of work force development services designed to provide West Virginia’s citizens and employers the opportunity to compete in a global economy. WorkForce West Virginia makes available education and training to e...